Xpert Dental Consultancy Ltd., is a healthcare consultancy. We offer specialized consultancy supporting a range of key aspects of clinic management, with the aim of delivering a fully equipped facility and a well-managed clinic environment for the customers.

Our team of consultants has substantial experience in developing, scheduling and equipping of dental clinic. As healthcare professionals, we can understand and meet the needs of the
customers, hence provide a more efficient for them.

We specialize in providing project management service to dental clinics.
Our goal is to make the dental surgery spaces work well, hence an attractive and comfortable workspace. We have the skills and expertise to deliver high-quality project, from inception through to completion, within customer’s budget.

Our roles include:

  • Sourcing suitable location for new clinic
  • Clinic interior design
  • Provision and follow-up of construction with contractor
  • Subscription of telecommunication system
  • Set-up of computer networking
  • Procurement and purchase of dental equipment and machinery

Whether an all-new, purpose built clinic! or refurbishment on an existing one, we endeavor to fulfill your expectation by taking advantage of our experience, emphasis on customer communication and attention to details.

With the advantage of our experience, we can provide the customers a well-managed clinic, which facilitate a more efficient and cost-effective environment for dental  staff to work on. The clinic management services we offered include:

  • Accounting
  • Human resources and administration
  • Corporate dental plan
  • Clinic operations
  • Staff training